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Mothers are often very careful to choose a good baby shoes, nike elite socks cheap but the pick of good shoes, a good pair of socks with how not it? If you still choose what socks worry, Xiao Bian tell you the recipe identify good baby socks cheap nike elite basketball socks.

Baby socks full cotton appropriate. Do not give the baby to wear nylon stockings, nylon stockings because airtight, baby sweat great, cheap nike elite socks very susceptible to athlete's foot. Socks should fit the size, not too big Genjiao, cheap nike socks will affect the development of small feet. Therefore, small socks should be replaced.

2, the baby is most needed several socks

Slip socks: socks have soft soles graphics, nike socks cheap can prevent the baby fell in the running and jumping, pay attention to non-slip socks are Waichuan socks, try not to wear inside shoes.

Pure cotton socks: suitable for spring wear, cheap nike elite socks online although it is cold, but buy a can also wear the arrival of spring, the best selection of 100% cotton socks texture.

Wool socks: suitable for winter wear, cheap nike elite socks outlet socks have a certain elasticity, the main ingredient should be wool and cotton, cheap nike socks china do not choose airtight acrylic high elastic stockings.

3, do not think the baby can not walk without wearing socks

The baby's body temperature regulation function not yet fully developed, cheap nike socks from china large heat dissipation, and heat production function is poor. When the ambient temperature is slightly lower, the baby will be a bad lower limb circulation, feet cool, colds. As the baby grows, increased lower extremity, cheap nike elite socks for sale feet kicking chaotic upheaval, vulnerable to injury, wearing socks can decrease the risk of injury. In addition, the baby's delicate skin, if exposed to harmful substances will increase the chances of infection, especially in the New Year visits to relatives and friends when the baby is easier for a variety of stopping while the body cold, nike elite socks for cheap wear socks may play a protective role.